Insulflex products have been used in some of the most prestigious developments both locally and worldwide, we are proudly delivered to over 40 countries worldwide through our distribution partners, All Insulflex products come with an assurance of quality and reliability using the highest quality of raw materials, continuous research and development , updates technology and production facilities so as to keep pace with requirement of international specifications and standards.

Product Key Features

Product Range

  • Tube Insulation

Insulflex tube insulation is black in colour, fire retardant, and multi-purpose flexible elastomeric thermal insulation available in tubular lengths, and pre-slit tubular  lengths with internal diameter from 6mm up to 165mm and with wall thickness of 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm TK. For other sizes,  please contact our technical staff for more information. The extruded flexible tubing is specially design and engineered to fit with the standard diameters of copper and steel piping. With a built-in vapour barrier and closed cell structure, Insulflex tube insulation is highly resistant to water vapour transmission and excellent thermal resistance ensuring optimal system performance and energy efficiency. Our closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation is ideally for HVAC, VRF, refrigerant piping, and other below-ambient applications. Insulflex tube insulation is dust and fibre free, HCFCs-CFCs free and has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

  • Pre-Cut Sheet or Roll

Insulflex pre-cut sheet and roll foam insulation are available with thickness of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm TK. Insulflex sheet and roll can be applied for large pipe diameters and multi-layered applications. This is suitable to insulate tanks and vessels, or for cutting into formed sections for equipment such as pumps, valves and flanges. Our closed cell elastomeric foam material’s flexibility allows it to ready bend to fit curves or angles in pipework. On large pipes and short-radius bends, it should be miter-cut and installed as 2-part or 3-part bends and glued with Insulflex adhesive.

  • Rolls or Sheet with Laminated Aluminium and Adhesive

Insulflex roll or sheet laminated with aluminium is excellent choice when applications require an aesthetic indoor and outdoor finishing or to protect from unnecessary impact. Double-sided adhesive backing with release paper is available for installation convenience without the mess and hassle of applying
glue for installation efficiency. UV aluminium jacketing is available upon request for extreme weather conditions. Please contact our technical staff for more information.


  • Tube Insulation

Insulflex insulation foam tape or gasket tape is a self-adhering tape is made from the same material as Insulflex tubes and sheets closed cell insulation, meaning it provides the same great moisture-resistance and thermal properties. Generally used for insulation joining areas and ideally for wrapping hot and cold pipe, tubing and fittings. Insulflex tape is easy to use and prevents condensation, heat gain or loss on systems.
Available Size:
• 3mm TK x 25mm x 9.14M – 48 rolls /carton
• 3mm TK x 48mm x 9.14M – 24 rolls /carton
• 6mm TK x 19mm x 9.14M – 50 rolls /carton
• 6mm TK x 25mm x 9.14M – 48 rolls /carton

  • Insulflex Cork Tape

Insulflex Insulfix is a PU/PIR pre-insulated pipe support designed for refrigeration and chill water pipes system. Insulfix pipe support provide thermal performance and moisture resistance without worries of insulation compression at hanger locations. Insulfix consist of a high-density compression resistance with protective polymeric strip to prevent slippage during installations.

Insulfix pipe support offer quick installation with no special tools required
and are available in a variety of sizes. It is available in “U” and “O” type.

  • Insulflex Adhesive

Insulflex adhesive is a black colour adhesive and specially formulated to join seams and butt joints of our elastomeric tubes and sheets insulation. It can also be used to adhere sheets and rolls insulation directly to mechanical heating and cooling equipment including tanks and the inside and outside of metal ducts.
Packing Content:
• 800ml – 24 units /carton
• 3000ml – 10 units /carton

  • Insulfix

Insulflex cork tape is specially formulated for air-conditioning and refrigeration copper piping and joints for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It is ideally used in the installation and maintenance work to prevent condensation
and dripping on cold pipes and valves. It has excellent adhesion to all types of metal, glass, plastic, rubber, or painted surfaces. Insulflex cork tape can be easily molded around fittings and without the use of separate adhesive. It is also effective as a sound deadening barrier and can be used as a gasket material.
Available Size:
• 3mm TK x 50mm x 7.62M – 12 rolls /carton