Rickard VAV Diffusers

Optimising Indoor Thermal Comfort

Rickard VAV Diffusers provide the occupant with optimal thermal comfort and improved indoor air quality. This easy to install plug and play system can operate through a BMS or Rickard standalone software and reduces power consumption by lowering demand on air handling system.

Features and Benefits

Rickard VAV Diffusers compared
to a Traditional VAV Box System

Rickard VAV Diffuser System

With individual temperature control in all areas

Traditional VAV Box System

With individual temperature control in all areas

Product Range

Electronic VAV Diffusers

Has been developed as an intelligent and complete system that can work on its own or when integrated into a BMS. The system aims to provide superior thermal comfort in every part of a building while minimising energy consumption and maintaining effective air mixing.

Electronic diffusers can be individually programmed to provide occupants with better thermal comfort and controllability making their environment more productive and healthier.

Thermo-Disc VAV Ceiling Diffusers

The Rickard thermo-disc ceiling diffuser is a mechanically controlled, thermally powered VAV diffuser. It requires no external temperature sensors such as a wall thermostat as each diffuser contains its own in-built temperature sensing and volume control mechanism. Its overall appearance and construction is very similar to the electronically controlled diffusers, but has the advantage that it requires no external wiring or power supply.